Invasive potential: not known to be invasive Mediterranean Fan Mediterranean Fan palm trees' leaves are Leaves Palmately Compound with Linear Leaflets, Bluish Green or Silver or Gray Green, No Change, Evergreen. Although growth rate is slow, it is well worth the wait since even small plants will stand out nicely in almost any landscape. If it does not receive enough sun, its growth can begin to stunt. Common name(s): European Fan Palm mediterranean palm These are also known as European Fan Palm trees and they are slow growers, growing around 6-inches per year, and reaching full maturity of 20-feet in height at a very slow pace. //-->. of your yard. Family: Arecaceae. European Fan Palm Field Grown. Current year stem/twig color: not applicable Scientific name: Chamaerops humilis as beautiful. Fall color: no fall color change They are deeply divided the cold hardy palm trees) Mediterranean Fan palm , Palm Tree Home | Palm Tree - Types (cold hardy) | Palm Tree Pictures | Palm Tree Care, trees are as versatile The triangular, fan shaped leaves grow to about 20 – 24” long by 24” wide. If the Palm is not trimmed back and controlled, it can grow up to 20 feet tall. plants that may reach 15' in width. Spread: 6 to 10 feet Palm trees are iconic symbols of tropical and Mediterranean environments. Speed of Growth. In Arizona, the bushy, multi-trunked type is the most commonly used form of this highly variable species. Plant habit: upright; irregular outline or silhouette Leaf shape: star-shaped The Mediterranean Fan Palm is the hardiest of all palms, featuring blueish gray, fan-shaped fronds and a unique multi-trunk vertical growth that makes it one of the best landscape palms for night lighting! These eventually form a compact head at the end of each curved stem. google_ad_client = "pub-6777904385825176"; Some pruning may be necessary to limit the number of stems and to remove old fronds. The growth rate of palm trees depend on a various factors which either encourage or discourage growth. or entryway. Common Name, Mediterranean Fan Palm or European Fan Palm. Winter interest: no special winter interest European Fan Palms Containers. USDA hardiness zones: 8B through 11 fan palm trees form clumps than can grow up to 15' in as beautiful. or entryway. Known for its extreme hardiness, the slow … Leaves ranging in color from blue-green The European Fan Palm is a popular species with gardeners, for many reasons. Native habitat: Rocky, coastal areas of the western Mediterranean.The only palm native to the European mainland. Pest resistance: long-term health usually not affected by pests. STATS. clear the trunk it makes a beautiful specimen plant into multiple segments that are themselves split Cold hardy California Fan palm trees are an extremely variable plant both in color Common Name: European Fan Palm Scientific Name: Chamaerops humilis Zone: 8A-11 Growth Rate: Slow Origin: Mediterranean Salt Tolerance: Moderate to High Drought Tol. humilis). ... European Fan Palm. The different species all have different needs for these variables so it is a good plan to talk with your local palm tree nursery to find out how much the species you are planning on planting, or already have, will need. Other individuals However, I have noticed that the more mature this palm tree becomes, the faster it grows. - a  natural sculpture to grace your patio Cultural Requirements: Mediterranean Fan Palm survives much neglect but grows best in rich soil with ample water. All rights reserved Water Req: Moderate. Availability: generally available in many areas within its hardiness range, Height: 8 to 15 feet Copyright © 2010-2020 Houseplant 411 LLC. A palm tree that grows fast in Australia may grow more slowly in Miami. google_ad_client = "pub-6777904385825176"; They can thrive in full sun to full shade, with fronds growing a bit larger in shadier areas. shrubby form. Leaf color: silver/gray; blue or blue-green The Mediterranean fan palm trees form clumps than can grow up to 15' in height. all but a few of the suckers and to prune the leaves These days it is popular to remove Description: Hardy Range: 8B – 11 Mature Height: 8 – 15’ Mature Spread: 6 – 10’ Growth Rate: Slow. Growth Rate: 12 Inches per Year. The triangular, fan-shaped leaves grow to humilis assume an attractive It’s quite hardy, and can tolerate cool winters and the occasional hard frost. side by side to form barriers. Longevity Greater than 150 years. The finetextured fronds make the palm stand out from other plants in the landscape. Other Cold Hardy Palms you might be interested in: